Solving real-world problems

Sustainability, healthcare, new economies, new technologies, new processes, new products, new ideas—those are today’s challenges. The Center for Business & Information Technologies taking on these challenges and building research partnerships among university students, faculty, government research labs, and the private sector to effectively change the world for the better.

Center for Business & Information Technologies

CBIT is a recognized leader in technology-based economic development in the state of Louisiana part of the Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The center focuses its research, development and technology transfer activities on fostering technology-driven innovations in a wide range of application domains including healthcare, education, economic and workforce development, energy/oil & gas, and business process automation.

Research & Development Areas

  • Enterprise Computing
  • Application Software
  • High Performance Computing
  • Distributed & Grid Computing
  • GIS Visualization
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Center Highlights

  • Recognized in 2003 by former Governor Mike Foster with the Lantern Award for contributions to economic development in Louisiana
  • Founded the CajunCodeFest (2.5 day healthcare programming solutions competition) in 2012 as a signature event that has started a revolution in healthcare technology in the state of Louisiana
  • Launched the Lafayette Living Lab for Health Innovation in 2012 to become a testbed for the next generation of networks and applications in health care
  • Developed a method and tools for providing enhanced information on workforce demand and projected supply to help build and manage a more responsive workforce delivery system for the Louisiana Workforce Commission
  • Received the Innovate Award in 2013 for the CajunCodeFest from the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

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